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I fixed the first loading screen issue by deleting intro and renaming the number of tutorial to 1 and renaming tutorial to intro so yeah I did that to every single one of the levels once I finish a level. Nice game

That's a pretty creative way, indeed. We don't lose hope on fixing this bug.

The game gets stuck at the first loading screen :(
Is having Blender 2.9 installed on your computer the reason it does not work?

Probably that's not the reason it freezes, for this same issue was addressed by someone that didn't have Blender installed in his PC. We are working on fixing this bug, in the meantime you can try opening the demo with Blender 2.79b (the version used for developing the game). Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience, we hope you can play the full demo soon!!


Thanks for the reply, can't wait to try a working version, heck, can't wait to play the full game!

Hiii. I just tried the game too through my Twitch's livestream, and I encountered the same problem. I don't have any Blender program installed in my understanding...

The VOD if needed:

Thanks for reaching out! Just to be sure, are you an AMD user? People finding this trouble usually work around with AMD drivers instead of NVIDIA. We're working on a debug file that hopefully will be released this week, as soon as we check that the problem is solved! Thank you for your patience!

yep. I am. Looking forward to the fix :)

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"If you are reading this that means it probably isn't your first time playing the demo"

it is my first time

Anyways this game is really cool! i saw it on r/hotlinemiami and I'm happy to play it!

Only a Hotline Miami player could find that easter egg the first time! Glad you enjoyed the demo, thanks for testing it!!


Hey, great game! I really loved the music and the pixel style. Super fun game design ~ and awesome trailer! ⚡

Thanks a lot for sharing it!! Found a couple of obvious bugs that will be examined, hope you guys had fun with it!!


Music is good, gameplay is good, trailer is hype. First I thought it was another basic pixel art punching game, but its so much more. 10/10

Thanks a lot for trying the demo! We sincerely hope that the final product satisfies your expectations!


Smart move having the demo end right when it gets good. Congrats on finding a publisher, I'll be looking forward to the full game.

Thank you very much for your support! We're working on a lot of very cool designs right now, soon (hopefully) you'll have news!

reminds me of hotline miami

Hotline Miami was the main game that we took as a reference while working on the first levels, there's no point on regretting that! Nevertheless, the final game will be a very different experience!


This was a very cool game I enjoyed it a lot.

Your reactions were priceless! Thank you so much for sharing your gameplay with us, it will be really useful for pulling the best out of the game!


Thank you for watching my video when I hope it helps.


Hello Everyone my name is Ryberus!

I came in with low expectations, and I left a furry(just kidding).

Anyways this game was incredible story wise, gameplay was fun and adrenaline pumping.

8/10 !

Just saw it, thanks a lot for sharing it! That thumbnail is just perfect, by the way.


So has the funding page been cancelled for any specific reason? would love to see a full version of the game!

Thank you for the support! The Kickstarter got cancelled because we're working in something even bigger, with physical releases included! Make sure to follow the project here to stay tuned for the latest updates!



Thanks for sharing your gameplay! Hope that was a fun run! :D

Looks like Miami Hotline?

Yeap, we've been told that :D If you try the demo, you'll see that although visually looks similar, it's a pretty different game!


The game crashed for some reason I reinstalled and it still crashed. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi! Thanks for reaching out. Please, could you provide your computer specs? We will work on this asap!


This was a very fun game. Great work! 

Thank you for playing our game! Hope that was fun!!


My Let's Play 

Thank you very much for sharing the game and encouraging your viewers to see the trailer!


Yeah, so much work was put into that trailer so it'd be a crime if I didn't, or if I had just showed the trailer in my video then made it so the trailer video itself didn't get the views. Cheers again :P


oh dang this was amazing ! :D i really hope you guys reach the kickstarter goal cuz now im hooked and need more zebra-man in my life :D

hope you enjoy the vid and me getting mad when im dying :D

That was so hilarious! Loved when you sang along with the radio music, we sincerely hope you enjoyed the experience!


hahaha i loved it :D


I love this style! The good old Hotline Miami vibes came up again! I will support this game on kickstarter.

That thumbnail kicks ass! And you discovered a couple of easter eggs there too!


great jobs

Thank you so much for sharing this!! We noticed a couple of bugs and will definitely work on them. Thank you!!


Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel. 

This was a really cool horror game about killing those that harmed the main character in the strange Science Laboratory. The game was really fun and I really enjoyed killing the people in the Lab where I had to think of strategies to counter those who are armed and to prevent myself from getting hurt as well. The storyline was pretty interesting as well, making the player question who is the mysterious person that is assisting and guiding him out of the lab. Moreover, I found the start of the game quite hilarious where the main character was taking a dump XD. Will be looking forward to the next part of the game as it is a really cool 8-bit retro horror game.

One issue that I noticed while playing the game is the ability to hit through the walls to kill the enemy XD. I kind of used that as a way to stay unscathed at some points of my playthrough XD.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Hi DragonExplosion, thank you so much for sharing your gameplay! You were fast! Taking notes on the bugs now, we're so glad that you enjoyed this title! Thank you for giving 'The Zebra-Man!' a chance!